Over 1,400 performances in 30 countries
The spectacle show fusing the tradition and modernism,
musical and theatrical expression


Japanese Drums Entertainment

Revue HTB Tenko, founded in 1987, has its home base in Nagasaki, Japan.
Music, dance and theatre are the key points of Tenko performances.
The musicians play the taiko, the samisen, the Japanese flute and other instruments
with seemingly playful ease and they perform humorist musical acts in a virtuous way.
With thunderous percussion Tenko creates a visual and musical spectacle fusing
the traditional and modern music and culture of Japan sublimely.
It is this versatile mix of musical and theatrical expression which distinguishes
Tenko from other percussion groups and with which they fill theatre halls worldwide.
Tenko has performed in many countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Armenia, Australia, Egypt,
France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Syria, Thailand and Vietnam.



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